Startup Grind(Chongqing)-创业磨坊 重庆站第16期:Fitness Technology Startups

Saturday, October 19, 2019 1:30 PM ~ Saturday, October 19, 2019 4:30 PM
Startup Grind Chongqing






Startup Grind Chongqing Presents:

Episode 16 Fireside Chat

Chongqing No. 16 Fireside Talk:

Chongqing Smart Fitness Startups Spice up Exercise with Tech:

Smart fitness adds color to your life:

Can AI help us build better, safer and more supportive sports/fitness equipment and experiences?


What are the biggest challenges for building strong and supportive software and hardware engineering team? What is unique about the AI IOT project?

建立强大的、支持性的软、硬件工程团队的最大挑战是什么?在人工智能 物联网工程项目方面有什么独特之处吗?

What are the key processes and concepts that go into building a winning smart fitness center platform?


How do tech solutions improve value for fitness centers in China?


In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards, people pay more and more attention to healthy life. Fitness has become an indispensable part of urban life.

The development of fitness is improving day by day, the ways of obtaining fitness are becoming diversified, and the fitness venues are becoming more and more rich and diverse. The higher people's expectations for a better life, the more personalized and intelligent the fitness experience is In the continuous progress and fitness, fitness technology and smart gym began to appear in people's vision.

So what will the gym of the future look like? Who is creating more personalized and intelligent fitness experience for fitness enthusiasts?

近年来,随着全民生活水平的提高,民众对健康生活越来越重视。健身,成为了都市生活不可或缺的一部分。健身事业的发展日益提高,获取健身的方式变得多元,健身的场地也越来越丰富多样。人们对美好生活的期望越高,渴望更个性化、更智能的健身体验。这对健身事业的发展也提出了更高要求。在不断的进步和发展中,健身科技与智能健身房开始出现在人们的视野。那么,未来的健身房会是什么样的? 谁在为健身爱好者创造更个性化、更智能的健身体验?

 Fitness Technology and Smart Gym: Fitness Technology is the intersection of sports technology and sports science.

On October 19th this year at Startup Grind we're focused on educating not just startup founders, but startup teams as well. We're thrilled to partner with Heroku for Product   Engineering month in October where we'll be supporting the technical side of The startup teams around the world. Heroku is a platform-as-a-service that enables developers to build, run and operate applications entirely in the cloud.

We're asking Rocket Bird Founder CEO, Chris Chen to join us for a fireside chat with Fitness footware AI O2O Startup XinMai CEO Johnny Long and CTO Bob Bao to discuss the fitness vertical applications of AI, IoT, and O2O Retail 2.0.

At Startup Grind in October this year, we were focusing not only on the founders of startups but also on startups. We are pleased to work with Heroku in Product   Engineering Month in October and we will provide technical support to entrepreneurial teams around the world. Heroku is a platform-as-a-service that allows developers to build, run, and manipulate applications entirely in the cloud.

在今年10月的Startup Grind上,我们关注的不仅是创业公司的创始人,还有创业团队。我们很高兴能与Heroku在10月份的产品 工程月合作,我们将为世界各地的创业团队提供技术支持。Heroku是一个平台即服务,它允许开发人员完全在云中构建、运行和操作应用程序。

我们邀请到了勤鸟圈的创始人兼CEO陈萧,请他和我们一起坐在壁炉边,与健康食品AI O2O创业公司芯迈的CEO 龙汝倩和CTO 鲍明泽讨论人工智能、物联网和O2O零售2.0的垂直应用。

Distinguished Speakers:

Chongqing Xiaoai Technology Co. LTD(品牌:芯迈Senthmetic)重庆小爱科技有限公司

Johnny LONG 龙汝倩 CEO

Bob BAO 鲍明泽 CTO

Chongqing Rocket Bird Technology Co. LTD 重庆勤鸟圈科技有限公司


About Speaker/关于嘉宾

Speaker 1 嘉宾1

Johnny LONG 龙汝倩

Chongqing Xiaoai Technology Co. LTD(品牌:芯迈Senthmetic)重庆小爱科技有限公司

Chief Executive Officer 执行总裁

Johnny LONG, Founder and CEO of Xinmai, is an early Internet entrepreneur in China. He has successfully established a clothing brand and an Internet medical consulting platform. In 2017, the company established the science and technology foot protection brand -- Xinmai. The company now has a modern digital manufacturing plant, as well as online and offline integration of digital retail system and industry solutions. Xinmai is striving to become a global famous foot care brand serving human health every step.



Speaker 2 嘉宾2

Bob BAO 鲍明泽

Chongqing Xiaoai Technology Co. LTD(品牌:芯迈Senthmetic)重庆小爱科技有限公司

Chief Technology Officer 首席技术官

BOB BAO, Xinmai partner, doctor of biomedical engineering (medical electronic instrument direction) of Chongqing University, now Chief Technical Officer, is responsible for the overall product research and development of the company, leading the development and implementation of intelligent products such as gait analyzer, biological force line correction and pressure analysis insoles.


Speaker 3 嘉宾3


Chief Executive Officer 执行总裁

Chongqing Rocket Bird Technology Co. LTD 重庆勤鸟圈科技有限公司

Chen Xiao, the Founder and CEO of Chongqing Rocket Bird Technology Co., LTD., is a former HP architect who has led the completion of system integration and informatization of many large enterprises at home and abroad. As a continuous entrepreneur in the field of fitness, Qinniao Technology was founded in 2015 to explore the transformation path of the fitness industry through SaaS IoT AI. Qinniao has become a leading brand in the fitness SaaS industry, helping 9000  fitness entities in China to realize the internet-based, intelligent and digital operation and management, and affecting 2 million   fitness users every day.

陈霄,重庆勤鸟圈科技有限公司创始人兼CEO,原惠普架构师,曾主导完成国内外多个大型企业系统集成与信息化,具有极丰富的企业数智化项目经验。作为健身领域的连续创业者,2015年创办勤鸟科技,通过SaaS IoT AI探索健身行业数智化转型道路,勤鸟已成为健身SAAS行业的领袖品牌,帮助中国9000 健身实体实现运营管理的互联网化、智能化和数字化,每天影响着2000W 健身用户。


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October 19, 2019



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