SGCQ#14 Move Beyond Limits: 超越自我极限: Adventure Business and Entrepreneurship in Western China中国西部地区的

Tue, 10 Sep 2019 17:30:00 GMT+08 ~ Tue, 10 Sep 2019 22:00:00 GMT+08
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Startup Grind Chongqing


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Startup Grind Chongqing Presents:

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Episode 14 Workshop & Panel


工作坊 + 嘉宾访谈:


Many of us seek out instant adventure “cheap thrills" and "going out there" so to speak.  The purpose of travel is not only to reach the destination or check off every point of interest along the way,but it's the journey itself. Often the journey stretches you, pushing you out of your comfort zone;  it is the  which challenges you beyond your limits, and it is also a journey where you meet people, make friends, share knowledge, and inspire each other.  Desiring new cultural encounters and more amazing adventure experiences, travelers seek out expert guides and outfitters to provide them with the best experiences  found on Earth. Who are these entrepreneurs who cater to those seeking National Geographic style journeys? What kind of people build businesses which bring value to communities on the edge of society? What are the newest developments in Western China's adventure market?

很多时候,我们都希望能痛快的来一场“说走就走”的旅程。 旅行的意义不仅在于打卡式的直奔目的地,更重要的是在旅途的过程。旅途可以让我们突破自我舒适区, 不断挑战自己的极限,与路途中的人相见、相识、互相分享,激发出更多新的想法。出于对新文化的好奇和对冒险经历的向往,旅客们通常会向专业导游们寻求意见和帮助,以获得世界上最棒的游玩经历。那这些带着大家去追逐“国家地理式”风景线的、探险式旅游的创业者们是谁呢?他们用商业的形式,即使是在社会的边缘社区里,一样为大家创造价值,那他们又是一群什么样的人呢?在中国西部,探险旅行市场,有哪些新的发展呢?

Startup Grind Chongqing invites a local extreme sport entrepreneur, Weibo Zhang, to share with us how he turned his passion of rock climbing into Black Ram Climbing gym and outfitters. Similarly we will learn from John "Gazi" Zhao, how he is raising the bar and the paddle, for ecotourism on the rivers and lakes of Yunnan. Also, we will bring two adventure trekking entrepreneurs, Ben Cubbage and Jim Hamp, to share with us, their perspective on how the adventure industry is developing in Western China. Come hear hardcore founders share as they grapple with the tension between preserving sustainable ecotourism and scaling their operations, and how to maximize the positive impact tourism brings as it shapes travelers as well as provides resources and opportunities to local communities.



此外,我们还将带来两位冒险徒步旅行的企业家,Ben Cubbage和Jim Hamp,与我们分享他们对中国西部冒险产业发展的看法。来听听铁杆创始人在努力应对保护可持续生态旅游与扩大运营之间的紧张关系时分享的内容,以及如何最大限度地发挥旅游业在塑造旅行者以及为当地社区提供资源和机会时所带来的积极影响。

For an extra special bonus, we will be holding three very insightful workshop mini-courses in key practical skills useful for entrepreneurs.  The workshops will be held simultaneously, and the space is limited, make sure you book your spot on the sign-up forms further down in this article.


Last but not the least, we also invited Sharene Wan, who is passionate about helping startups in Qinghai China, as our co-host,  to have a discussion with our guests about entrepreneurship and tourism on the edge in Western China, and how to combine these opportunities to offer the best and unforgettable experiences to the tourists and the best opportunities to local communities.

最后,我们邀请到了在青海发展,热衷于帮助当地创业者发展的Sharene Wan, 作为本次活动的特邀主持人,与我们的嘉宾探讨创业,探讨旅游业在中国西部地区的发展,以及如何在给游客提供难忘的旅途经历的同时也给本地社区带去更好更多的发展机会了我们什么

About Speaker/关于嘉宾

Speaker 1 嘉宾1

Ben Cubbage

Elevated Trips 青海黑胫鹤活动策划有限公司

Owner and lead guide 老板、首席导游

Ben Cubbage is an extensive adventure seeker, who has successfully completed the most challenging trails in the world, 2650mile (4240km) Pacific Crest Trail and 2150mile(3460km) Appalachian Trail as well as leading the trips to Tibet, Nepal, and Mt. Everest Base camp. Ben is also an entrepreneur, being the owner and lead guide of Elevated Trips, he has been guiding adventure travel trips for over 15 years. Currently living in Xining on Tibetan Plateau, Ben has been leading 1-5 day team building adventures and retreats for 5 star hotels in China. Ben has traveled extensively across the Tibetan Plateau and wants to share his passion for local culture and stunning scenery.

Ben Cubbage是一位极限探险者。他曾成功的完成了全世界最具挑战的两条徒步线路,一条是4240千米的太平洋屋脊步道,另一条是3460千米的阿巴拉契亚山道。之前,他带领游客团去西藏,尼泊尔,和珠穆纳玛峰大本营。Ben 也是一位创业者。作为Elevated Trip的老板和总领队,他已经在探险旅行行业里有15年以上的经验。 现今,他长居在青藏高原的西宁,为国内5星级酒店提供1-5天的探险团建项目。Ben也非常愿意和大家分享他对旅游的热情以及他在青藏高原与当地的人、文、风景之间的故事。



Speaker 3 嘉宾3

Weibo Zhang 张微波

Founder 创始人

Chongqing Shield Sports and Media 重庆神盾体育文化传播有限公司

Weibo Zhang worked in the area of electric engineering, but has started to involved in extreme sport in 2011. In 2015, he founded Chongqing Shield Sport and Media and created a well known extreme sport brand “Black Ram Climbing”. Now, it is a thriving business.

2011年开始从事各种户外极限运动,在此之前主要从事电子工程相关工作。2015年成立重庆神盾体育文化传播有限公司,并创办了国内知名户外极限运动品牌“黑公羊攀岩BLACK RAM CLIMBING”,一直发展至今。

Speaker 4 嘉宾4


John Zhao "Gazi", “嘎子”赵将

Founder 创始人

Dali Grand Tour Kayak Club  大理壮游皮划艇俱乐部

John Ga, a native of Taizhou, Zhejiang, is now living in Dali, Yunnan. His early career began Hangzhou within the industries of F & B, catering, and event management . Now, in Yunnan, Dali John has opened a kayaking club to provide paddling experiences, rafting routes, kayaking training, and youth camp education. Currently John has attained the highest level coaching certification in the China Canoe Association and the American Canoe Association.

嘎子,浙江台州人,现定居云南大理。 在杭州从事过食品、餐饮、活动公司等工作,现在大理开设皮划艇俱乐部,提供皮划艇体验、漂流旅行线路、皮划艇培训、青少年营地教育内容。现为中国皮划艇协会和美国皮划艇协会最高级别教练(国内)

CO-Host 特邀主持

Sharene Wan陈凤美

Founder/General Manager 创始人/总经理

Qinghai Genesis Bridging Business Services  Company  青海创圆桥接商务服务有限公司

Sharene is passionate about business...any business that creates wealth and contributes to the community. As a Malaysian Chinese, she came to the Tibetan highlands of Qinghai, China in 2010 and has since started two companies there helping the startups. Her background as an overseas Chinese synergizes her strengths in her present company Genesis that provides consultancy especially in bridging and managing projects that empower locals, develop entrepreneurs and community. Prior to China, she and her husband, Ricky had combined their love for travel and business to globetrot across the world on business trips and leisure. Her life and work experiences across culture ( from USA, Japan to countries like Myanmar and China) makes her an engaging public speaker, mentor and coach. She inspires dreamers as she herself is never too old to dream!

Sharene 热衷于商业发展,特别是能帮助当地社区建立财富的商业。作为一位马来西亚华裔,2010年她来到位于青藏高原的中国青海,创立的两个企业,着重于帮助当地的人创业。结合她作为海外华侨的优势,着力发展她所创立的创圆桥接公司,为当地的项目、社区,以及创业者们提供咨询服务,并帮他们进行有利的资源对接。在来中国之前,她和她的老公Ricky,开启了环球旅行,努力将他们对旅行和商业的热爱结合起来。在工作中旅行,在旅行中工作。Sharene 从美国到日本, 到缅甸,再到中国的跨多元文化的经历,也让她成为了一位极赋感染力的公众演讲者、导师、良友。 人不能因为年龄停止梦想的,她激励着更多,如她一样,拥有梦想的人。

About the Workshops 关于工作坊



 Workshop 1 Jono Beckwith



User journey mapping is a powerful tool for improving customer experiences and building brand loyalty. Learn how user journey mapping session can help your team to understand your customers better and build long lasting relationships with your product.

用户旅程地图是一种用于改善客户体验和建立品牌忠诚度的强大工具。 了解用户旅程地图可以帮助您的团队更好地了解您的客户并与您的产品建立持久的关系。



Workshop 2

Ding Yi Wei 丁一惟

商业模式的表述 The Description of Business Model

执行董事 Executive Director 

Shenzhen Qianhai Lerun Investment & Management Co.



Workshop 3 Ben Cubbage,

Experiential Education: Unlocking Human Potential


Most Applicable Industries: Tourism, Education, HR, Business Services

“There exists within everyone a grand passion, an outlandish thirst for adventure, a desire to live boldly and vividly through the journey of life.”


-Kurt Hahn 库尔特·哈恩


Education is so much more than just knowing facts and travel is so much more than just taking a selfie. Learn how to engage your students, staff, and clients with hands on experiences that change lives and hearts as we explore the story of Kurt Hahn, founder of Outward Bound.  In this workshop you will learn how to apply experiential education in your educational organizations, HR departments, and travel businesses to provide excellent experiences that shape character, leadership, and decision making.

教育不仅仅是了解事实,旅行远不止是自拍那么简单。了解如何让您的学生、员工和客户在探索Outward Bound创始人库尔特·恩(Kurt Hahn)的故事时,用双手分享改变生活和心灵的体验。在这个研讨会中,你将学习如何将体验式教育应用到你的教育、工作和旅行中,提供塑造完美的性格、领导力和决策的优秀经验。

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September 10, 2019



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